Biography of Sabri Andar



Biography of Sabri Andar, Deputy Minister for Coordination of Military Martyrs and Disabled Affairs
Ms. Sabri Andar was born in 1991 in an intellectual and civilized family. She is a native residence of Mazo village in Andar district of Ghazni province. Ms. Andar completed her primary educations at her paternal village and when her family moved to Kabul from Ghazni; she accomplished her 12th grade at the Lamah e Shaheed high school of capital Kabul.
Ms. Sabri Andar attended the entrance test and found the way to the law faculty of Kabul University. She started her higher education in the mentioned faculty in 2010 and achieved the bachelor in judiciary and prosecution department in 2013. After completing her bachelor’s degree, also began the internship which was a one year period and successfully completed it.
Despite her social, scientific, civic and political activities and countless engagements, Ms. Andar have also continued her education and obtained a master’s degree in public law from the Azad Islamic university.
Ms. Andar was the first director of the Afghanistan’s youth parliament and is now an active member. She has worked for various international and governmental organizations. She has worked as a senior legal advisor for ministry of higher education and state ministry for martyrs and disabled affairs. Her leadership for some youth and disabled communities is also worth mentioning.
Ms. Andar possesses special abilities. Besides sound thinking, scientific and political knowledge; she has rendered unparalleled services to the most vulnerable people (people with disability) of the country. She has always taken active part in social services and made untiring efforts to strengthen the education system by using her scientific capital. Andar has a strong will for the country and the people, which she has proved in practice.

Sabri Andar has been appointed as the deputy minister for coordinating military martyrs and disabled affairs by the special decree of President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in the state ministry for martyrs and disabled affairs. The main aim of her appointment is to provide basic care to the families of military martyrs and disabled people. So far, she has brought a lot of reforms and transparency in the mentioned section.
Sabri Andar has been honored with medals, letters of appreciation and awards by various national and international organizations for her outstanding performances.